As you may have seen online, we are kicking off the Folkestone Pride 2020-21 cycle!

Nominations for the new Management Team have now closed and we're now asking YOU, the LGBTQAI+ community of Folkestone, to formally vote-in your new team!

Due to the Covid-19 situation, all voting will be done by e-mail this year, with results announced at the AGM at 7pm on 12th October

(follow the event page for details). 

Documents for information (see below):

1. A table showing the nominees listed against roles, with the recommendations from the current Management Team (Image below)

2.A diagram showing the new organisational structure, with nominees listed against roles (PDF document)

3. Short statements from all individuals who have expressed interest in joining the Management Team for 2020-21 (PDF Document)

Recommendations from the current Management Team have been given against all roles (the provisional allocations). In almost all cases, individuals have been allocated their first choice position.


Please email by midnight on 11th October to confirm you are happy with the recommendations of the current Management Team as listed (the provisional allocation of individuals to roles). You can just say "HAPPY YES". 

If you are not happy with any allocation, please state your preferred candidate for a particular role from the list of nominees available. You do not need to disclose your reasons.

If you are unable to vote by e-mail you may call or text 07504670558 by midnight on 11th October. 


If you do not express a preference, then the recommendations of the current management team will be selected by default, as decisions were unanimous.

NOTE A formal voting-in process is required at the AGM for all Trustee positions. 

A vote is also required for the position of Administrative Manager, Volunteer Manager and Events Programmer, as more than one person has applied for each of these roles.   


If you have any questions, please ask by emailing

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the virtual AGM on 12th October at 7pm where the results of the vote will be announced.


Best wishes


The 2019-20 Management Team

(Bean, Didier Rochard, Liz Smith, Ian Glasson, Helen Davison, Ash McNaughton and Dan Burt)

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 13.21.31.png