The Leas Bandstand 2-5pm

In collaboration with Folkestone Festivals and The Chambers

Miss Di Vour.jpg

Hostess: Miss Di Vour

Miss Di Vour describes herself as ‘A Folkestone Icon, the next Peggy Mitchell (if I ever learn to pull a pint) and completely delusional’. Being a proud local gal, Miss Di Vour has performed across the South East and London and in 2019 performed at 5 local pride events in Kent alone. Taking her inspiration from Iconic Queens of British TV such as Gemma Collins, Patsy Stone and Kat Slater, you should expect drama, a camp old time and maybe even a sing-a-long!



Chai is a Drag Queen, Writer, Poet, Songwriter and 3D Artist based in Kent and London. Her work weaves elements of pop, rock and original lyrics!

Rahmel Lee.jpg

Rahmel Lee

Rahmel Lee is a self releasing Steel Pan Artist, Songwriter and Music Producer. Rahmel comes from a musical family background where his passion for steel drums was an inheritance from his great grandfather ‘Biggs’ who was a successful steel pan maker and tuner in the UK.' Rahmel Lee's music sounds atmospheric, uptempo, rhythmic and is inspired by the works of 'Calvin Harris' and 'Timbaland' using the live elements of steel pans.

Reece Lyons.jpg

reece lyons

This pioneering spoken word artist has been breaking the mould for years and has been an active voice in fighting to improve representation for trans people in UK theatre. Reece Lyons is a transgender actress, writer and poet based in London. She is a Roundhouse resident artist where her work has previously gone viral – accumulating over 4 million views! Select credits include: Overflow (Bush Theatre), HANNA (Amazon Prime), Life & Rhymes (Sky Arts) and Fierce Sisters (Mimbre).

Kate Wintie.jpg

Kate Wintie

Kate Wintie has been a popular presence on the local music scene for many years now. She describes her music as “humble, open, bright and powerful, with a slice of English modesty lyrically”. Her performance has been described as ‘captivating, emotional and overwhelming’.

Pink Suits.jpg

pink Suits

Their work is an exploration of sexuality, fantasy, mental health, politics, activism and is a resistance of binary gender expectations, questioning how voices and bodies can be used as a form of protest. pink suits are a Non Binary, Queer Feminist Punk Rock & Rage duo based in Margate. Formed in 2017, pink suits make loud aggressive political punk noise as well as dance, physical theatre, film and art.