Health & safety

We want our Pride Picnic to be safe and enjoyable for everyone.  Please read the guidance below before the day.

General public Health & Safety notice


In order to keep everyone safe, everyone attending the picnic is advised to take a rapid lateral flow test before setting off. Anyone who tests positive must self-isolate and follow NHS guidance. If you have any of the main Covid-19 symptoms (continuous cough, high temperature, loss of or change to your sense of taste or smell) you must stay at home and seek NHS advice. Even though this event is outdoors, social distancing must be maintained and crowd control will be in operation to prevent people crowding together. Please bring your own hand sanitiser and a face covering in case needed. A sanitising station will also be available. Pride Picnic attendees are asked to sit down to watch proceedings, spaced out on the lawns surrounding the bandstand. You are advised to bring an appropriate blanket or portable seat. Please avoid gathering together in groups larger than 10 people, as we must ensure social distancing is being maintained. Groups larger than 10 will be asked to disperse, to deter larger crowds from forming. You may bring your own refreshments but you should take all litter away with you afterwards.  



St John’s Ambulance will be on site by The Bandstand. In a medical emergency contact the nearest security staff or steward who will alert St John’s Ambulance or emergency services as necessary.


Our events are taking place near live roads. Please be aware of road users. 


On discovering a fire please sound the alarm and follow venue evacuation procedures. Inform your nearest member of security/steward. Music should be stopped immediately and an announcement made via the PA/tannoy by an event official. Please leave the area calmly. Meeting point is the Memorial Arch at the end of The Leas. Dispersal in numerous directions is possible from the event. In the case of a terrorist act or incident involving an armed person please adopt the “run, hide, tell” plan- leave the immediate area as quickly as possible and hide somewhere safe, then call 999.


Please keep children close by, as they may get lost in large crowds. Lost children should be reported to a steward and taken to the gazebo by The Bandstand. All lost children should be reported to the event manager Bean (announcement to be made via Bandstand PA).


Professional security staff are assisting Folkestone Pride- please follow their instructions. Any suspicious, abusive or antisocial behaviour should be reported to security staff. Attendees should not engage with anyone being abusive or causing a nuisance, in order to prevent situations escalating- instead please inform a member of security and let them deal with it. Illegal behaviour should be reported to the police. In an emergency please inform your nearest security staff or call 999 if they are not available and the matter is urgent.


The event is outdoors. If it rains surfaces may be slippery so please be cautious and use sensible footwear. A weather report will be posted on Friday 16th July – please dress accordingly! Use sun protection, especially for children, and drink plenty of water. Drinking water is available from all nearby venues. 


Security and venue managers reserve the right to eject anyone from the event area who is drinking to excess, engaging in illegal activity or is being antisocial. Nearby bars will refuse to serve people who are drinking to excess and/or who cannot provide appropriate ID as necessary. Attendees should not engage with anyone being abusive or causing a nuisance in order to prevent situations escalating- instead please inform a member of security and let them deal with it. Illegal behaviour, including illegal drugs use, will not be tolerated and will be reported to the police as necessary.


The cafe at The Chambers nearby is a “safe space” for anybody experiencing difficulties or distress -please speak to your nearest steward for directions.


Please ensure you have made plans to get home safely. Local taxi services are: Folkestone Taxi 01303 252000, JJ Taxis 01303 244442, Premier Taxis 01303 270000


Be vigilant for any general hazards. Look out for each other! If you have any issues on the day, please talk to any of our stewards or security and they will direct you to someone who can help.